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  • Persona 4 GN VOL 02
    Persona 4 GN VOL 02

    Soji, Yosuke, and Chie are hot on the trail of the Inabi kidnapping victims... which now include Chie's best friend Yukiko! Now, with the help of their strange new ally Teddie, our heroes venture into the TV World again to get…

    € 15,50
  • Persona 4 GN VOL 03
    Persona 4 GN VOL 03

    Teen brawler Kanji Tatsumi barrels onto the scene! Will this rough & tumble juvenile delinquent help or hinder the search for the truth about the Midnight Channel? Based on the popular Persona 4 video game!

    € 15,50
  • Persona 4 GN VOL 04
    Persona 4 GN VOL 04

    Superstar teen idol Rise Kujikawa escapes to Inaba for a much-needed break from the limelight, and the usually sleepy town is caught in the grip of celebrity fever! But when Rise suddenly appears on the Midnight Channel and goes…

    € 15,50
  • Persona 4 GN VOL 05
    Persona 4 GN VOL 05

    With Rise rescued and now in possession of her own Persona, Soji and friends welcome a powerful new ally into the fold. But just as things are looking up, the body of Inaba's latest murder victim is discovered - and the victim's…

    € 15,50
  • Persona 4 GN VOL 06
    Persona 4 GN VOL 06

    With the murderer Mitsuo Kubo apprehended and the case seemingly closed, life in Inaba returns to normal just in time for Soji and his friends to enjoy a well-earned summer vacation. But moving on is proving especially difficult…

    € 15,50
  • Persona 4 GN VOL 07
    Persona 4 GN VOL 07

    The Midnight Channel returns! Does this mean the authorities haven't caught the TRUE killer? Plus, famed detective Naoto Shirogane becomes the latest teen forced to come face to face with his own Shadow.

    € 15,50
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